Edit / Iteration

This tool is meant to help you get the best output possible from our platform. It allows you to request small changes on models you have already created. This way you can get results as close as possible to what you want.

How it works

You open the model you want to edit either on the dashboard or on asset library and click the icon shown below:

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Then, please describe through text the modification you want, submit your request and you will get an iteration of your original model returned.

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Please note that the iteration can only be described using text and you can not change the polycount and/or add images to your requests

After your iteration request is completed, all the older versions of the model will be accessible. You can navigate through them using the arrows at the sides of the model, the edit you requested each time will be visible at the card below the respective version of the model.

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Updated 11 Jul 2022
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