4. Training grant application submission

All steps should be done on behalf of the company

*You should submit the training grant application at least 3 weeks before course commencement.

Things to prepare before submitting training grant application:

Official receipt *If your company wants to get partial advance payment of 50% of the total approved training grant

Follow This:

1. Click "Training Grant Application" from the menu bar & "Application for Training Grant" Public Course"

Document image

2. Click "Public Course" from the main menu

Document image

3. Input "Growth Marketer Academy" in the Search Bar to select the course

Document image

4. Click the "Apply Now" button to apply for the training grant for the public course (Just for example)

Document image

5. Read the Note for Applicants carefully and click "Next" to proceed

Document image

6. Explain how the acquired technology would be applied to your company.

Document image

7. Create / select the trainee for the application

Document image
  • For creating a new trainee, please refer to here

8. Apply for partial advance payment and choose the best option if needed

  • 50% partial advance payment will be issued 3 months after the course commencement

Document image

9. You are all done! It takes 2 weeks for RTTP side to approve your application :)

For more information, please check the Online System - User Guide for Companies.