Running a Keeper Bot


Keeper bots are a new and novel concept on Drift that enables users to place limit orders against the dAMM.

Keeper Bots track all limit orders placed on-chain; and construct an off-chain orderbook that categorises limit orders by age then size.

If the requisite conditions are met, Keeper Bots will fulfill that order against the dAMM for a financial incentive. Keeper Bots are incentivised to fill older orders over newer ones.

For performing this duty, Keeper Bots earn a small fee for every order they fill. Similar to liquidation bots, Keeper Bots will compete to fill orders in a decentralised manner.

๏ปฟSee ๏ปฟDecentralised Limit Orderbook (DLOB) for overview of keeper incentives.

Run Your Own Keeper Bot:


Updated 11 Mar 2022
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