Welcome to Drift Protocol

Welcome to Drift Protocol's documentation. In these docs, we'll learn about:

  • Getting started with trading perpetual swaps on Drift
  • Detailed documentation around Drift's trading mechanism
  • API documentations for trading and building bots using Drift's SDK
  • Ways to get involved and contribute to Drift


Drift Protocol is a decentralised, fully on-chain perpetual swaps exchange built on Solana.

You can use Drift's perpetual swaps to:

  • Speculate/Hedge on cryptocurrency assets with up to 5x leverage;
  • Earn yield from collecting funding rate payments,

and soon to:

  • Build synthetic spot positions
  • Create a delta-hedged stable coin position
  • Hedge your Impermanent Loss (IL) from LP positions

Dynamic AMM (DAMM)

Drift Protocol is the first perpetual swap exchange to leverage a Dynamic AMM (DAMM). The DAMM was pioneered by our team and is a based on a virtual AMM (vAMM) - with its key innovation being that it introduces repegging and adjustable k mechanisms to recalibrate liquidity in a trading pool based on participant demand. DAMMs, as a result, have the ability to be more flexible than traditional vAMMs and AMMs, which lead to better capital efficiency and reduced slippage.

On Drift, users have the ability to take on up to five cross-margined positions.

For more information about the Drift's Dynamic AMM construction, read our litepaper here.

Launch Status

Drift is now Live on Mainnet. Trade here.