Hit the potion spinner until the counter in the top left reaches 0. Hit the potion again to get your award.

Amortentia – love potion – Odds 3/22

30 seconds of double scoring.

Confusing Concoction – confused, distracted, sick – Odds 2/22

Points are tripled for 20 seconds but both flippers go everytime you flip.

Draught of Living Death – deep death like sleep – Odds 2/22

30 second ball save.

Felix Felicis – unusually good luck – Odds 3/22

Instant Wand Multiball

Hiccoughing Potion – stops excessive hiccuping – Odds 2/22

Add a ball.

Pepperup Potion – improves health – Odds 2/22

Start a Mode

Polyjuice Potion – appear as someone else – Odds 1/22

Instantly restart the last multiball, if there hasn't been one it'll start Wand Multiball.

Skele-Gro – redrow bones – Odds 1/22

Builds a barricade across the outlanes for the rest of the ball so the player can only drain down the center.

Sleekeazy’s Hair Potion – beauty treatment to smooth hair – Odds 2/22

Big points, damn you look good. 5,000,000 points.

Veritaserum – truth potion – Odds 2/22

Find out that Mad Eye is really Bartie Crouch Jr – extra ball.

Wolfsbane Potion – Warewolf sanity serum – Odds /22

Medium Points 1,000,000

Updated 08 Feb 2020
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